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How you can give to help end homelessness

Giving money is one of the simplest and most effective ways you can make a difference to homelessness in Greater Manchester. The Homeless Action Network itself has no costs, so we’d encourage people to give to other causes within Greater Manchester.

Give directly to people

Support people directly through a local ‘personalised grant schemes’. These initiatives cover costs of essential items which help people get away from the streets or avoid ending up there in the first place.

If you don’t see a scheme for your borough, why not get one started? A toolkit for setting up ‘Real Change’ developed by partners Riverside Housing Group is available from the Street Support and Homeless Link websites.

Give to organisations

Local community and charitable organisations are the frontline of our response to homelessness. Their staff and volunteers work tirelessly, and a donation to them can make a huge difference to what they are able to achieve.

To see what organisations are active in your area, go to the Street Support website.

Give to projects

Get behind a city-wide campaign which is honing in on a specific homeless challenge in our city. Right now, the big effort GM partners are putting in is the provision of emergency night shelters as a first step off the streets (and so no one sleeps out in the cold).

Find out more about A Bed Every Night and join others such as Vincent Kompany and the Mayor of Greater Manchester by donating here.