How do we improve employment, training & education for people facing homelessness? - Wednesday 2nd November 10am-1pm

The Greater Manchester Homelessness Action Network, in partnership with the GMCA, is hosting an in-person event on Wednesday 2nd November 10am-1pm at Methodist Central Hall

This event will look at how we can improve Employment, Education and Training for people who have experience of homelessness in Greater Manchester.

It will bring people together to look at how this can be both a pathway out of homelessness, but also can help prevent homelessness. We will explore the barriers that people face in accessing and staying in Employment, Training or Education, as well as hear from organisations about what they are already doing to improve these services for people who are or have experience of homelessness.

Together we’ll be exploring questions like: What makes good quality Employment, Training and Education support? How can we work together to remove barriers for people who have experienced homelessness? and how can we build on and support good work that already exists?

We will also be looking at what the impact of the current Cost of Living Crisis might be on access to Employment, Training and Education.

We want to hear from you about the different services that exist across GM – and we are asking you to help us shine a spotlight on examples of good practice from across the city-region.

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