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We are excited to announce that the Greater Manchester Homelessness Prevention strategy Legislative Theatre project is a finalist for the IOPD Best Practice in Citizen Participation Award!

A big part of the GMHAN’s recent work has been ensuring that members of the network have been able to feed into Greater Manchester’s Homelessness Prevention Strategy 2021-2026. One of the ways we have done this is through Legislative Theatre, which is a creative and participatory policy-making strategy. Through this we have been able to deliver creative involvement, and ultimately make sure that policy decisions reflect the experiences of individuals who have lived experience of homelessness.

We were so happy to hear that the success of this process has been recognised by being shortlisted as a finalist for the IOPD Best Practice in Citizen Participation Award. This award recognises successful experiences of local and regional governments in the field of participatory democracy, citizen deliberation, community empowerment, open government, democratic innovations and public participation.

Thanks to all the hard work and creativity of the GM Jokers and Katy Rubin!