What the Network feels needs to happen to end homelessness not rebuild a broken sytem

Over the last month, the GMHAN’s members including people with lived experience of homelessness, frontline workers, researchers and decision makers have been inputting into what they feel needs to happen to end homelessness after COVID.

It covers what needs to happen short, medium and long term, including national policy asks and actions at Local and Combined Authority levels. We are now asking everyone with a stake in making this happen to raise and discuss in your own fields and forums or share on your own platforms. Our next full Network event is taking place on September 9th where we will be reviewing progress and would warmly welcome your input into the review we conduct then.

Download the proposal here, and if you have any comments, feedback, or actions you can do to contribute, contact gmhan@streetsupport.net.

The Network has also developed a paper outlining what will be needed to resource it’s activities over coming months and years. You can read that paper here.