Help shape the GM Homelessness Prevention Strategy at the second Legislative Theatre workshop

The GMHAN and the GMCA are thrilled to invite you to a theatrical investigation of resource allocation, power, and decision making, leading to co-produced proposals for the upcoming GM Homelessness Prevention Strategy!

This community-led process is the result of a collaborative effort by the GMHAN, funded and co-designed by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority’s homelessness team. This marks the second series of public events, addressing the three focus areas for prevention identified by the GMHAN: multiple disadvantages, funding and commissioning, and housing and infrastructure. The Homelessness Prevention Strategy will encompass the coming 5 years, as well as more immediate policy actions post-covid.

Greater Manchester residents directly impacted by homelessness, as well as front-line staff, have been creating a play in the past weeks based on lived experiences. The play explores how resources are distributed and how decisions are made when it comes to funding/commissioning. 

In this interactive event community members will work together with policymakers to generate, debate, and negotiate innovative policy ideas around these issues. We believe your expertise and commitment will be key in this collaborative effort to improve policy and practice.

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