The GMHAN & GMJokers invite you to celebrate systems change through creative coproduction

Join us for our next full network event 1-4pm Tuesday 7th February at the People’s History Museum

In Dec 2022, the GMJokers Legislative Theatre project for GM Homelessness Prevention Strategy won the International Observatory for Particpatory Democracy’s Award for Best Practice in Citizen Participation. This is a really exciting achievement as it was the first time the award has ever been won by a project from the UK

Working alongside GMCA and the GMHAN, the GMJokers have built a model for creative systems change that has now been recognised across boards. We want to take this opportunity to look back and celebrate all the amazing work that went into this piece of coproduction, as well as looking forward and planning for the future: how can we continue to ensure that the voice of Lived Experience is central to policy and decision making? Let’s explore the possibilities that 2023 offer us together!

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