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How can we Improve Hospital Discharge for people Experiencing Homelessness?

How can Greater Manchester do better to prevent people being discharged from hospital without secure accommodation? How can we use this point of transition to make a positive change in someone’s journey into or out of homelessness?

An opportunity has arisen to work with the GM Integrated Care Partnership, and the Home from Hospital Investment Fund to achieve exactly this. This subject has long been on the radar of the Network, and a key part of the Targeted Prevention mission in the Greater Manchester Homelessness Prevention Strategy (or pages 7-8 in the Action Plan).

We are holding an online Open Space on Tuesday 28th February 2.30pm-4pm to explore what solutions or good practices we might be able to try out or expand in coming months. Everyone with an interest is invited to join the conversation and share your perspective, especially people who have experienced in-patient care at a hospital when homeless, are currently supporting people being discharged from hospital settings, or would like to contribute to future responses.

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