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As many of you may have noticed there is a continuing increase in the numbers of asylum seekers receiving decisions and support discontinuations in the recent weeks. Which can often lead to people needing to access homelessness services due to their change in status, as they are now required to move out of Home Office Accommodation. 

As a result of the government commitment to clear the asylum backlog by the end of this year, there is likely to be a significant increase the number of asylum decisions being processed across the country. The required increase in the rate at which decisions need to be made is likely to be substantial.

We expect these numbers to continue increasing over the coming months, with a potential peak at the end of October.

Additionally, there is evidence of a change in practice with regard to the move on period asylum seekers are given when they are granted refugee status. The 28-day move on period now starts when a refugee receives their acceptance later, rather than their Biometric Residence Permit, which means the time frame to find new accommodation is shorter. 

We understand that this will create pressure on services during an already-difficult time and the GMCA and Local Authorities are treating this demand as a priority. We are working together to take steps to ensure that our homelessness and support responses are as robust as possible.

Communication and partnership working are going to be crucial in tackling this situation and preventing homelessness. We will seek to keep you updated as much as possible as the situation and response develops.