Winners of the OIDP2022 Best Practice in Participatory Democracy

On Friday we were thrilled to announce that Legislative theatre for the Greater Manchester Homelessness Prevention Strategy won the award for Best Practice in Citizen Participation at the Institute of Participatory Democracy

Greater Manchester Legislative Theatre is a community-led process that is the result of a collaborative effort by the GM Jokers, GMHAN and funded and co-designed by the GMCA’s homelessness team. The process was designed and led by a cohort of facilitators-in-training, who bring wide-ranging experience with the arts, organising and leadership, and who have been directly impacted by homelessness and housing insecurity.

The IOPD Best Practice Award for Citizen Participation recognises successful experiences of local and regional governments in the field of participatory democracy, citizen deliberation, community empowerment, open government, democratic innovations, and public participation. We made history as this is the first time that the UK have won this international award.

We will be holding a full network event in the New Year to celebrate this win, and bring everyone together to explore how we can continue pushing this forward.