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Join the GMHAN for our next full network event focusing on women’s experiences of homelessness. We know that women experience homelessness differently to men, they are less likely to be ‘visibly’ homeless and their experiences can often be overlooked. You can sign up on eventbrite here

This event will bring in a range of different stories and perspectives, as well as things we can do together to better understand the experiences of women facing homelessness.

This will include

  • The Women’s Rough Sleeping Census
  • Give the Mum a Chance campaign
  • The Impact of Child Removal on Women
  • Homeless Link- Gendered Lens Framework
  • Women’s Experience in the Prison System

If you are working to support women facing homelessness and want to contribute to the event, then we would love to support you to share what you are doing. Get in touch info@gmhan.net