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The more knowledge we all have about what is going on to end homelessness, the stronger we will be as a Network in identifying what is missing and holding each other to account when results aren’t being delivered.

To help this, all publications, resources or papers relevant to ending homelessness in Greater Manchester will be published here. If you think anything is missing, contact us at



*NEW* Expression of Interest to join a Task Group - How you can play a further part in the efforts of the Network to end rough sleeping and reduce homelessness.

GMHAN Governance Structure and Co-ordination Group Terms of Reference

GMHAN Prevention Strategy and Action Plan - The Action Plan will be reviewed every 6 months to keep attention on how things are developing and what might be the next priority to address. If you have any feedback about the approach, priorities or how it’s going on the ground, please contact

Notes from the Quarterly Network event in May are now available by clicking on these links:


Covid response

GMHAN Build Back Better paper

GM Covid Committee Report on Next Steps (GMCA)

GM Voluntary Agencies Matrix

GMHAN and GMCA Parliamentary Inquiry Response

Public Health England advice on Winter Night Shelters - all members of the GMHAN, including the Combined Authority and Local Authorities are very clear that night shelters should absolutely be the last resort during the winter to be made available only if other safer, better options have been exhausted. Additional funding is being made available via Homeless Link should night shelters be needed.


Health Resources

Alcohol Audit (Salford PCT)

Frontline Staff Information Booklet (NHS)

Health Services for people with a Salford Connection (Salford PCT)

Mental Health & Homelessness help booklet (GMMH)

Psychosocial Resource Pack (GMMH)

Urban Village Medical Practice drop-in & Registration Form (UVMP)

Who to call if you become homeless (Homeless Friendly)


From the Network

HAN Schedule 2021

Advisory Board Terms of Reference

GMHAN Rough Sleeping Action Plan

Potential Next Steps for the GM Homelessness Action Network

Resourcing the GMHAN- What part can you play?


Greater Manchester

Public Service Reform White Paper

GM Mental Health Housing & Mental Health Strategy


GM A Bed Every Night

A Bed Every Night – Reflection by Matthew Kidd from Creative Inclusion

In March 2021, the Homelessness Action Network held a learning event to reflect on people’s experiences of ABEN provision in Greater Manchester. Creative Inclusion was commissioned to write a report which brings together different perspectives on how Greater Manchester can respond as a whole system to improve the experiences of people accessing ABEN. Matthew Kid offers his reflections.

You can read here the independent evaluation that evaluates the effectiveness of ABEN by Dr Beth Watts and Lynne McCordie with Melissa Espinoza, Dora Welker, and Prof. Sarah Johnsen (The Institute for Social Policy, Housing, Equalities Research (I-SPHERE). In addition, we’d warmly invite you to contribute to the GM Homelessness Prevention Strategy to help develop an integrated rough sleeping response where no one is left behind. 




Tackling the homelessness crisis: Why and how you should fund systemically (NPC)

Centre for Homelessness Impact

Institute for Global Homelessness

Jigsaw of Homelessness Support (With One Voice)