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The more knowledge we all have about what is going on to end homelessness, the stronger we will be as a Network in identifying what is missing and holding each other to account when results aren’t being delivered.

To help this, all publications, resources or papers relevant to ending homelessness in Greater Manchester will be published here. If you think anything is missing, contact us at info@gmhan.net.

Learn, Lobby & Deliver

Information and resources from the GMHAN Learn, Lobby & deliver task groups which come together to action the networks shared objectives.

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GMCA Homelessness Prevention Strategy

Documents relating to the GM Homelesness prevention strategy, coproduced by the GMHAN, GMJokers and Greater Manchester combined authority. This is reviewed every 6 months, if you have any feedback about the approach, priorities or how it’s going on the ground, please contact info@gmhan.net.

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Covid response

The GMHAN response to the Covid 19 pandemic, and next steps coming out of the pandemic.

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Employment, Training & Education

Resources from the full network event which focused on Employment, training & education as both homelessness prevention and as a pathway out of homelessness.

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Criminal Justice System

Resources from the full network event which focused on the criminal justice system.

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Youth Homelessness

Resources and information relating to youth homelessness, and what is being done to prevent it in Greater Manchester. Many of these resources came from a full network event in November 2023, which focused on Youth Homelessness

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Health & Homelessness

Resources focusing on the overlap between homelessness and health.

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From the Network

Info about the network internal plans, resourcing and schedules.

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Greater Manchester

Documents from partners across the ten boroughs of Greater Manchester, including Greater Manchester Combined Authority.

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External resources from members of the homelessness action network- contact info@gham.net if you want your resources to be published here.

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