Contribute to the Network!

Express your interest now in joining a GMHAN Task Group.

Do you want be part of ending and preventing homelessness in Greater Manchester? Express interest now in joining one of our new 'Task Groups'!

The Greater Manchester Homelessness Action Network (GMHAN) is a collaboration of everyone working to end and prevent homelessness in Greater Manchester. It brings together all the different sectors, specialisms and experiences which are involved in achieving this mission, recognising that we can achieve more through collaboration and partnership

To help more people play a part in this mission, the Network is setting up three Task Groups around the core purposes which will help us achieve it: Learn, Lobby and Deliver.

Each Task Group will set it’s own objectives under these themes, and we’d like you to be a part, either as a normal member or by leading the work as a Co-Chair.

This is what the Task Groups will focus on:

Learning: understand what is working effectively to address homelessness, through insight from people who have experienced it, good practice happening on the ground or research from around the UK and beyond.

Lobbying: take this learning to decision makers to make the case for necessary changes and hold those involved to account.

Delivering: implementing these changes by designing solutions, creating the partnerships for them to work, and supporting those on the ground who are doing them.

Participation expenses OF £20/hour are available for anyone joining a Task Group who is unwaged, and the time commitment is between 3 and 5 hours per month, with Co-Chairs likely to be at the higher end. More information on the role is in the Expression of Interest which you can download here.

if you’d like to contribute more to support the activity of the Network join a Task Group by registering your Expression of Interest in one of these ways:

  • Download the Expression of Interest form and return it to
  • Complete this quick form online now
  • Call or send a voice-note at any time to 07894 214 284, outlining:

    • Which Task Group you would like to be involved with (Learn / Lobby / Deliver)
    • Whether you’d be interested in being a Co-Chair
    • The best way to contact you
    • Why you’d like to be part of the Task Group and what you’re good at that you’d like to contribute

If you have any questions, you can email or call Robbie on 07894 214 284.